The Ultimate Guide To Hangover Heaven

Author: Nia Ruth Jones

The morning after a bustling night of Black Rabbit shots, grinding on Level second floor, a late night Mr Kebab, and an extortionate taxi fare back to Smithdown, there really is only one option: Scran. Luckily for Liverpool students, our city boasts a huge range of different eateries for you to eat away the hangover and start to feel fresher than a lemon-flavoured Cava shot.



Sometimes you just need to kick the hangover where it hurts. There is nothing an Archie’s Breakfast Club burger (complete with waffle bun) cannot fix. If the thought of exciting and fresh burgers isn’t helping the hangover, they also have a mouth-watering menu of milkshakes for the perfect sugar rush. Located in the centre of town, Archie’s embodies Hangover Heaven.



Serving brunch all day long, The Brunch Club is situated on Duke Street which is ideal for students who live in town. The Brunch Club boasts an extensive menu that caters for everyone, even the fussiest of eaters. Personal recommendation: The pancakes with creme fraiche, fresh fruit, and maple syrup washed down with a Porn Star Martini! Proven to beat the Sunday blues, my winning combination is only completed by a chill on their giant leather sofas with one of your favourite books.



There is a reason why The Tavern Co. was voted Nation’s Favourite Breakfast 2015 and that is because it is bloody amazing. You have a choice of everything – Eggs Florentine to Banana and Pecan Pancakes! What more, it isn’t too far from Smithdown and it is student purse friendly. They serve breakfast until 2:30pm so you can even have a lie in! But, get there with plenty of time before breakfast finishes because people can queue for up to an hour to ensure a decent hangover-killer.



Everyone has had a hangover which means leaving bed just is not an option. Luckily Treaty Pie will deliver and be able to fill the dessert-sized void in your life without you having to put on anything more than a dressing gown. The choice is phenomenal – from waffles to cheesecakes, from American candy to milkshakes – and they deliver until 11pm so you have all day to make your mind up.



If peng, high calorie food is what you’re looking for then a lazy visit to Almost Famous is needed. Sometimes, their combinations can seem a little crazy but trust the burger experts. Who knew popping candy went so brilliantly with bacon and waffle fries?! A true gem drenched in urban culture décor, the burgers and beers will be guaranteed to help you on your way through this hangover nightmare.



To get rid of a hangover, there is only one true remedy: Freakshakes. Exciting, extravagant high calorie milkshakes with some cheeky treats to chase away the hangover blues, these will get you feeling as right as rain. Just next to Marybone campus, Barley & Beans is everything you would want from a coffee shop when you have a hangover – comfortable, cosy, and calm.



Based a little out of the centre of town on Rose Lane, Mamos offers everything you could want to ease the hangover: chicken, pizza, burgers, and wraps. What more could you need?! You can eat-in or takeaway, so if your double bed on Smithdown is calling, you can return to your safe haven and enjoy some delicious scran. Personal recommendation: 20” Peri Peri Chicken Pizza – it chases away the hangover no problem. A true gem, serving a purpose and doing it properly.



Another Liverpool beauty with takeaway service, Grilla is difficult to beat for choice, interior décor, and accommodating dietary requirements – so even if you’re a strict vegan or vegetarian you will find something at Grilla! With an extensive selection of ‘Meat On the Spit’ and their ‘Taste of Sweden’ menu, no doubt everyone will be happily satisfied. What more, Monday to Thursday they have some great student-friendly deals, so why not treat yourself to half a chicken after Monday Raz?



A good breakfast should sort you out after a night in Concert Square and PS358 want to help hungover Scouse students. Although their breakfast selection might not be as extensive as some places on this list, PS358 cater for everyone – for those who fancy porridge, to those who fancy a bread bowl FILLED with a Full English. Cheaper than average prices and a decent macchiato, Portland Street 358 is a name that shouldn’t be forgotten.



Whilst some hangovers leave you feeling queasy, some bring the munchies with them. Eating away a hangover can be rough but Tai Pan’s All You Can Eat buffet makes it easy. Tai Pan boast an £8.90 buffet which is suitable for the student budget whilst also being idyllic for the hungover hordes of Liverpool. With tonnes of room, Tai Pan could house the entirety of Smithdown – so a hungover house outing is possible. A great city centre location and a huge choice, you’d be a fool not to!



In Liverpool, there’s a substance that makes the whole world happy – Nabzy’s famous Red Salt. Although you may have visited Nabzy’s before your taxi from the Bombed Out Church back to Kenny, do not underestimate the power of a Nabzy’s variety bucket shared out amongst friends to soothe even the toughest of hangovers. Cheap, cheerful, and without a doubt Liverpool’s best fried chicken shop, Nabzy’s is an underdog in the search for Hangover Heaven.



Closer to Smithdown than the centre of town but don’t let that deter you: Hotcha is a right little diamond! Sometimes, nothing will satisfy you like a Chinese takeaway and being rolled up in your duvet whilst watching a good film or binge watching reality TV. Luckily for Liverpool students, Hotcha delivery starts at 16:45pm so you can order a feast (including crispy aromatic duck pancakes!) fit for a king before you start dreaded Sunday-night-uni-work. Hotcha boasts a huge menu full of Chinese classics, so there is undoubtedly something for everyone.


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