Liverpool’s Stomach Stretching Food Challenges

Author: Nia Ruth Jones

Are you up for the challenge???  We’ve all watched Man vs Food and made out like we could take on the challenge, whether that be a massive steak or a mountain of melting ice cream, there seems to be something weirdly rewarding about stuffing yourself beyond reason. But, like many people, it’s a case of more bark than bite, with many hopefuls being taken down by a humble Boneless Banquet at KFC.

However, if you’re up for an incredibly delicious taste experience that’s guaranteed to push you to your limits, here’s our guide to Liverpool’s best food challenges, so you can stuff your face with pride.



Located on Bold Street, Uncle Sam’s is home to a wide array of American-style fare, it comes as no surprise that a gargantuan sized burger made its way onto the menu. Weighing in at a massive five pounds and containing over 10,000 calories, this challenge is nothing short of menacing.

Along with two varieties of cheese, the 40-ounce burger is piled with chips, onion rings, bacon and tomato sauce, all packed into an 11-inch bun.

The delicious mountain of enticing yet slightly evil meatiness will set you back just £18 if you lose. However, if you win, it’s totally free and you’re forever hailed on the restaurants infamous Wall of Fame. There’s also a medal to remind you of your triumph!



If you’re suffering from post-Christmas blues and miss the Bavarian charm of the Christmas Market, then head down to Bierkeller for great beer and a true sausage-fest.

Originally designed to feed groups of 5, the 10-sausage strong plate has become the challenge to beat at Bierkeller. Comprised of five types of sausage, including two bratwursts, two spicy bratwursts, two garlic bratwursts, two signature kaserkraners and two smoked hotdogs, the Grossen Teller is accompanied by a serving of skinny fries and sauerkraut.

This is a challenge for the die-hard sausage-lover and is not to be taken lightly, after all, it’s a lot of sausage and will set you back £58.

Embark on the challenge alone or do it with friends, either way its puns all round.



As one of Liverpool’s best Italians, there’s obviously a whole host of dishes on offer containing all the goodness of the Mediterranean. From decadent dripping cheese to all the tomato laden carbs you can dream of, Amalia is the true mecca for those who adore pizza.

A Calzone is all the deliciousness of a pizza, folded up to kind of look like a pasty. The challenge itself is 5lbs of pleasure, consisting of a mix of vegetables, minced meat, tomato and heck load of cheese. Tempted?

This feast is just £13.95 if you don’t finish in the 30 minute time limit, but if you do, it’s completely free! If that isn’t enough you’ll also get an ‘Amalia Surprise’… You’ve got to attempt it if you want to find out what this mystery prize entails!



Not all food challenges are about sheer size, there’s also unbearable spice thrown into the mix…

Pattersons are renowned for their amazing range of tantalizing chicken dishes; however, these wings are definitely not something to sit down and savour.

Drenched in super-hot molten sauce, you’ve got just ten minutes to get all 15 wings down the hatch. It may seem easy, but a strong stomach is most definitely required – a disclaimer also needs to be signed!

Scared, or dying to try? If you’re up for the challenge, these devilish wings will set you back only £15.95 if you lose, but they’re on the house if you win… there’s also heartburn for the foreseeable future.



But if all the milk and ice cream in the world on hand isn’t enough to make you take on the heat, Pattersons also challenge people to a battle with a beastly burger in the Quadruple Bipass.

To win, you have to tackle a monstrous burger containing: two beef patties, fried chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, chilli cheese, goat’s cheese, hash browns and onion rings, all topped off with a side of fries and coleslaw!

It may sound easy enough, but would you be able to finish in 20 minutes? If not, the £18.95 bill is on you.



The ‘all you can eat style’ pizza restaurant Santa Maluco is geared up to satisfy even the most ravenous of Pizza lovers. With a fixed price rodizio menu you can sample Santa Maluco’s different Brazilian pizza slices until you’re well and truly stuffed. From the delicious Santa Polpette slice of Meatball Marinara oozing parmesan and mozzarella cheese, to the fiery American with spicy sausage and spiniata drizzled with sriracha and requeijão sauce, you’ll be glad of the chance to try them all.

The Sunday Slice challenge however, is the true test of pizza devotion. £10 entry 3pm-5pm every Sunday, can you beat the current 15 slice record? That’s almost two whole 18 inch pizzas!

The prize is your picture on the leader board, free delicious pizza and a mystery prize. If you don’t beat the record, it’s all you can eat pizza for tenner. What’s not to love?



If the thought of spice isn’t too nice, why not try a chicken challenge with a little less heat?

The Flute on Hardman Street may seem like a quaint pub, but they are home to one of the most colossal eating challenges in Liverpool. The wings may not pack as much of a punch, but there is still plenty of bite.

To win, you must devour 50 wings, yes 50! If you manage to chomp your way through the vast mountain of chicken, you’ll be awarded with eternal glory… and a t-shirt.

However, if you’re taken down by the fowl challenge, the bill will only set you back £10.50.



All of the other challenges mentioned have been starters in comparison to this. This meat latter is the true Goliath of competitive eating, taking down the majority who dare to take it on.

The huge meat feast is enough to feed four hungry people, yet it entices competitors to come forward, as this is surely the chance to prove you are a champ when it comes to chomping.

The deluxe fry up includes two 16oz T Bone steaks, short bone rib beef, two veal cutlets, two chicken breasts, four Cumberland sausages, a 10oz Gammon steak, served with hand cut chips, beer-basted onion, roasted tomatoes, honey-roasted carrots, béarnaise & pepper sauces, as well as optional house gravy.

Intrigued? Well, this colossal gut-busting challenge comes in at £120, thought to be the most expensive in the entire country. If you think you could clear your plate without the dreaded meat sweats, step forward and enter The Old Blind School to truly ‘meat‘ you fate!

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