12 (well, 13) Of The Best First Date Ideas Across Liverpool

Author: Nia Ruth Jones

In a city where date locations are numerous in choice, here we have our top 10 dates across the city to guarantee romance, a cheeky smooch, and maybe even a second date.



In the heart of the Exchange Flags, Alchemist is the perfect place to go for a first date. The periodic table of cocktails and extensive, yet affordable, food menu will get you chatting and have you both wanting to come back as soon as possible. It oozes sophistication, but with a touch of quirkiness and is bound to impress without anyone having to splash the cash.



Both sign-less bars secretly located on Berry Street, you need to keep your eyes peeled and do some detective work to find these hidden gems! At Red Door, you can snuggle up, nice and cosy, on the terrace sofas under the heat lamps and enjoy food and a decent chat. Or, alternatively, you can order many theatrical cocktails (including Rise & Shine which uses dry ice) and dance the night away to their live music. After Red Door, why not head down the road to Berry & Rye for an intimate evening in times-gone-by. Keep persevering for entry to this speakeasy, as the ambiance and cocktails will guarantee a lively chat and make that first date just a little bit different.



For the morning after the night before, make sure you visit Brunch Club for a lazy, hungover, Sunday morning breakfast. From gluten-free vegetarian bagels to a traditional full English – and everything else in between! – Brunch Club is open all day, so you can even complete your lazy Sunday with a lie in. Reasonably priced and in the centre of town, this is a haven for students and locals alike.



No one likes an awkward or boring date, and nobody wants to end a date with an embarrassed hug and deleting their number. With a trip to Roxy Ball Room, date number 2 will definitely be on the cards. Not only is it a fun place to get drinks, but all pretences are lost as competitive natures are released whilst playing Beer Pong, Pool, or Table Tennis. Located just off Liverpool One, Roxy Ball Room has rooftop terrace with views overlooking St John’s Beacon for a quieter evening drink.



Not your standard restaurant, Japanese restaurant Mister Miyagi is in the heart of Liverpool’s food-baby Bold Street. Student-favourite due to its purse-friendly menu, it has a relaxed atmosphere where you can both soak up a new culture whilst trying delicious food. Dinner in a restaurant will always be romantic and the interesting food will always be a good topic of conversation.



When you think it’s time to make the cheesy yawn-arm-around-the-shoulder, there’s no better place than FACT – a hidden gem sneakily located just off Bold Street. Not only can you see all the latest films, as well as some smaller independent films, this visual arts centre with funky displays makes going to see a film more student-friendly and ultimately interesting than overpriced popcorn and expensive seats. And, if all else fails, at least you can talk about the film.



Liverpool’s newest independent baby, Ghetto Golf is an eclectic mix of the 18-hole sport and street culture. Housed in the alternative Baltic Triangle and complete with a cocktail bar and street food stall, you can funk on down whilst playing golf before treating yourself to Kona Big Wave beer and a hotdog. An entire date package all in one place, Ghetto Golf should be number one on your first date list.



Depending on what’s on and what takes your fancy, Everyman is the perfect date destination. Not only do you get to show off how cultured you are, but you will get to see some amazing productions. Everyman has hosted plays such as the stage adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ and Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. With a great city centre location, a play followed by dinner would be the classiest of first dates.



Situated down by the docks, a date at Spring City will not only show how incredibly fun you are, but will 100% guarantee a second date. From basketball to dodgeball to a more traditional bounce along, you can play until your heart’s content. Then, once you’re finished, you can treat you SO to a cheeky hot chocolate or latte in the café. You do have to purchase some Spring City grip socks – which make a great memento of your first date – and watch a safety video, but after that all that’s left to do is bounce!



If a more relaxed, contemporary evening is what you’re searching for, then Dejavoo Shisha is for you! Not just the largest place in Liverpool to smoke shisha, but a restaurant, bar, and gelato parlour too – which means that there is something for everyone. With a budget-friendly menu between £2.50 and £15.00, a chilled night chatting and laughing at Dejavoo won’t be breaking the bank but will show how quirky your date nights could be. So whether you spend all evening there or just pop in for a quick gelato after uni, Dejavoo will be sure to impress.



A student-budget heaven, Blind Tiger is perfect for your wallet. They boast an extensive and alternative Dim Sum menu which ranges from £1.00 to £7.00 for different dishes. To sip alongside your Dim Sum, Blind Tiger offers numerous cocktails (recommended: French 75 complete with shotgun cartridge garnish!) which are all fairly priced to impress on a first date. Groovy décor mixed carefully with a great ambiance creates a cocktail full of fun.



The Vincent Café and Cocktail Bar over in Exchange Flags is admittedly a little out of the way for a majority of students, but it is totally worth the trek down towards the Docks. The menu has strong international influences over their fine dining menu, reflected in their most popular pudding April’s Flaming Smores Board which platters together chocolate sauce, marshmallow, caramel, and biscuits. Remember though, you have to dress to impress – no trainers allowed!


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