11 Must-Try Places For Milkshake Lovers

Author: Nia Ruth Jones & Ellie Houghton

In a world full of dismay, something will always brighten up your day: milkshake. Nothing can cheer a person up like the perfect, creamy frothiness of a good milkshake. Since the rise of the Freakshake took social media by storm, Liverpool has adopted these heavily garnished drinks and given them a home. Here are some of the best…


Home to the Freakshake, Barley & Beans may be a little out of the way for students down on Smithdown or Carnatic but do not let that deter you! In a cosy café near Exchange Flags, the team at Barley & Beans spend their days frothing up the most glorious, creamy concoctions and completing them with squirty cream, biscuits, Mr Kipling cakes, sauces, doughnuts, and anything else you could imagine just to make these milkshakes as crazy as possible!



Yogee is the only shop in town that promises frozen yoghurt as good as their milkshakes. After that ‘heavy’ climb from the bombed out church, Yogee is waiting at the finish line with a fresh batch of fat-free ice-cream ready to be muddled with whatever gets your tastebuds going.



Koop is one of many fast food venues sitting on Bold St. The neighbourly venue promises some of the best chicken, burgers and milkshakes in town. Their shakes are served up in a good old American inspired glasses, drizzled entirely in gooey goodness. Their dribble-inducing menu will have you asking what you should feast on first. The chicken or the shake?



Muster sits patiently down the side streets of Liverpool One, but once you’ve had a mouthful of their shakes, it’ll be hard to forget. Their couches are perfect for a sit down break after a hard day of shopping, but a coffee break is nothing without a good old sugar boost. Muster are taking it back to the old school with their shakes, stacking them high with kinder buenos, happy hippos and other childhood favourites. On top of this, they’re promising our users a 4 quid coffee and cake deal. A winner for all of us students.



Archies offers shakes and waffle galore for any of you with a serious sweet tooth. The phenomena is taking over the instal-food snaps and after an Archies visit we can see why. Their retro design and killer shake collection has eyes rolling. To name a few, they’ve stocked up on; peanut butter, strawberries, millions, Terry’s chocolate orange, jammy dodgers… The list is longer than their Saturday night queue.



Siren is the super healthy hot spot in the midst of the cool-kids territory. It lives in the Baltic Triangle and whizzes up some scrumptious shakes. For any get-up and go guys and gals, their berry shake is our personal favourite. As for the comfort lovers, their chocolate shake and cosy venue will keep you feeling fuzzy inside.



The interesting eating company pride themselves on their simplistic design and cute interior. They bring a sense of home comforts into the suburbs of town. So if you’re out and about in the early hours of the morning, for a 9am lecture (or because you haven’t been home yet) this cute cafe will help you feel human again… And Their daim-infused shakes will give you a mini kick you back into shape.



Kaspas is bringing the ghosts of 50’s American diners to Liverpool, and it’s going down a storm. Their shakes are fused with bits for everyone, including you leg-day lovers. Their protein-power milkshakes mean every day is cheat day. We don’t know what to be more thrilled about, their eye-popping decor or their jaw-drooling shakes. Either way, your first date with their venue will leaving you wanting more.

Fancy a shimmy with that shake? Add a splash or two of weekend juice in to the mix.



Moloko is the new kid on the block and it seems to have settled in to the scouse scene quite comfortably. We think their hard shakes and winter-ready concoctions have something to do with their warm welcome. Moloko have scores brownie points with their Jägermeister & Mozart chocolate hard-shake, warming the hearts of Liverpool gals who love a good LBD, even in these baltic weathers.



We know you all love getting your fingers dirty with Slims killer dogs and fries, but we’re going Seth style with their pineapple express to wash it all down. Slims boozy shakes are spreading the happy vibes, that’ll have you trippin’ and tumblin’ down the infamous Seel St. All in a good nights work we’d say. We applaud you Slims. You have our scouse hearts sold.

If you don’t fancy braving the walk of shame down Bold St., the next few are for you. Thank us later.



We all have that one friend that bribes us all into a calorie ridden, chocolate covered, midnight cheat. This is one that promises not to disappoint. Midnight delivery makes it hard for the healthiest of student to feel guilty about feasting. Their cherry Bakewell and triple chocolate fudge-shake will have you twist-n-shoutin’ in your dreams.




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